Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Long-Range Transportation Plan Update

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The Lebanon County Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Lebanon County Planning Department are updating the county's 2017-2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan.



Tell us what you think! Take an anonymous five-minute survey (available in English and Spanish) on Lebanon County's transportation conditions and most needed improvements.


Show us exactly where improvements are needed. Use an interactive mapping tool to indicate congested intersections, safety concerns, needed bicycle routes, and more.


Public meetings will be held to introduce the project and gather input from Lebanon County residents, workers, business owners, and other stakeholders. Meeting information will be posted here when scheduled.


2017-2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan
This is our starting point—the plan developed in 2016 that we are updating.


E-mail the planning team at

Contáctenos para información sobre el proyecto en español: translation@lebanoncountylrtp.com

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What is a long-range transportation plan?

A long-range transportation plan (LRTP) articulates a region's vision and the transportation goals and objectives that will help achieve that vision. It considers issues and opportunities over a 20-year planning horizon. An LRTP includes an action plan and a prioritized list of proposed projects aligned with the region's goals. The plan guides investment in transportation improvements as funds become available. LRTPs are required in order to qualify for state and federal transportation funding.

Who leads LRTP development?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) lead LRTP development, working closely with federal and state transportation agencies, county and municipal leaders, as well as others with an interest and stake in a sound transportation system. Lebanon County has engaged a team led by the consulting firm WSP USA Inc. of Ephrata, PA, to assist with the data-gathering, outreach, analysis, and documentation required to complete the plan.

Why update Lebanon County's current plan?

Long-range transportation plans are normally updated every five years to ensure they remain relevant as conditions change. Also, the current federal transportation law, the FAST Act, mandated new requirements for MPO long-range transportation plans that Lebanon County must address. At the state level, Pennsylvania's Act 89 of 2013 significantly increased transportation funding and provided a new direction for transportation.

What is the project schedule?

Work began in July 2019 and the plan is slated for completion by June 2020. Interim milestones will include public and stakeholder outreach meetings and publication of a draft plan for public review and comment next spring.

Why do you need my help?

The best long-range transportation plans reflect input from a wide range of perspectives, and we want yours! Whether you live, work, or shop in Lebanon County, or visit for recreation or other appointments and services, your voice and unique experience are important. You can help us identify problems with roads, intersections, sidewalks, bicycle routes, bus service, etc., and help evaluate the best ways to address these issues.

How can I get involved?
  • Take a short survey.
  • Use the mapping tool to show us exactly where your concerns are.
  • E-mail the project team additional information on what types of transportation improvements would be best for Lebanon County. Feel free to attach photos of safety issues and other concerns.
  • Participate in public meetings, which will be announced on this site and in local media.
  • Review the draft plan when it is released next spring.
  • Share this website with your neighbors and check back for updates.